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Minimize spikes in your

blood sugar

Diabetes can be hard to manage but with a routine you minimize spikes in blood sugar levels. Eating properly allows the body to process sugars slower and more evenly than refined sugars.  


We can work with you to prepare a menu guide and balanced diet guidelines.

Keep your sugar levels in check with our assistance. We can teach you the tools and tricks to ensure your sugar levels are well maintained.


Avoid the hazards of diabetes with attentive care

You may be getting older, but that doesn’t mean your diabetes has to affect your life in drastic ways. You’ll learn effective diabetic maintenance methods to keep your sugar levels stable throughout the day and minimize spikes when you visit Internal Medicine of the Twin Cities.

Diabetic Management in the greater Monroe area

  • Diet and menu help

  • Exercise plans

  • Insulin

  • Diabetic supplies

  • Education

  • Medication interactions

  • Alcohol avoidance

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